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Our Home Insurance in Spain is a complete product that responds to adversity within a short space of time, so that you can carry on with your life without worrying about anything.

Check out everything that’s covered by Integral Home Insurance

If there's one thing we’re proud of, it’s that we always try to make our insurance as clear as possible. That's why you’ll always find an explanation of the Coverage, along with the typical exceptions. We’re the insurance provider of choice for a good reason. See terms and conditions for all exceptions. 


Basic coverage 

Our basic Coverage includes all of those damages caused by external forces that need to be taken into account for Home insurance. 


  • Fire, Explosion and Lightning


FIRE: combustion and burning by flame of an object or objects that were not designed to be burned.

EXPLOSION: a sudden, violent expansion of gases, caused by a physical or chemical reaction.

LIGHTENING: the violent discharge due to interference in the electrical field of the atmosphere.


  • Severe Weather Conditions

Torrential rain, summertime storms, high winds (over 80 km/h), snow... Anything that can cause damage to your home. If a street light falls down in high winds, hitting your house, we will fix it. For example, if windows or shutters are damaged by heavy rain or hail, we will replace them.


  • Flooding 

After several days of rain, it is possible that there will be flooding due to the overflow of rivers, lakes, sewage or canals. Any damage caused by these events is covered by your insurance.


  •  Malicious Acts 

Any malicious acts that cause damage to your property which have been performed by third parties, regardless of whether or not they are related to you.

Damage which may cause legal demonstration is also included. Don’t worry about street vandals any longer.


  • Smoke or Soot Damage 

Following a fire, or having burnt a domestic appliance, smoke residue can remain on the walls. We will take care of this damage 100%.


  • Sound Waves 

Damage caused by sound waves resulting from passing airplane or spacecraft. If you live close to an airport you may notice these types of cracks in glass panes, caused by the vibration of aircraft taking off and landing.


  • Electrical Damage 

Imagine a stormy day which causes a fault in a power supply. This fault causes a surge in an electrical appliance which causes damage. Home Insurance covers all electrical damage, regardless of the age of the appliance - except in the case of computers. In this case the age limit is ten years.


  • Accidental Leakage or Spilling caused by Firefighting Equipment 

If you are a cautious person and you have anti-fire systems in place, we will cover you for the damages caused by a fire that was generated by external faults, such as short-circuits or a power surges. These damages tend to be water damage.


  • Water Damage 

Water damage is not just about the leak, it is finding the cause of the leak and solving it. Home Insurance takes all these unexpected situations into account. We will turn your house upside down to find the source of the leak, but this Coverage guarantees that we will leave it just as it was before.

We look after all water damage caused by appliances, damaged pipes, damage to other appliances, damaged tanks, locating the fault and fixing the fault (workforce and required materials) and reconstruction if we have to break anything for access. Even if the leak is your fault for having left the tap on. Accidents happen.


  • Burglary and Theft 

Regardless of where you live, burglary and theft can be worries that play on your mind. A Coverage of this type doesn’t just cover you against theft in your home - you are also covered the case of muggings. Your belongings are yours both inside and outside of your house.

Nevertheless, it is always important to clarify the following concepts:


  • Improper use of Stolen Debit/Credit Cards 

In the case of your cards being taken, we offer provision for full complaint and deactivation. We will assume losses from the fraud committed to a maximum value of €600, for a maximum period of 48h. If you do not deactivate the cards or the bank fails to do so in a timely manner, the responsibility is transferred to your bank.


  • Breaks 

Life is subject to a series of daily accidents. You drop the water jug on that little glass coffee table, you're cleaning to the beat of the Rolling Stones when the mop slips out of your hands and into a vase... These are just small examples of possible damage. Home Insurance covers breaks in glass windows, doors, skylights, sun roofs, shower screens and glass-top hobs, covering the cost of delivery and installation to the cost of the replacement. We will also bear the costs of transportation and installation.

We also cover solar panel glass, broken bathroom ceramics (toilets, showers, sinks), mirrors and marble or granite panels, whether decorative or forming part of furniture or work surfaces.


  • Cosmetic Reconstruction 

The fact that we have to take up your bathroom tiles doesn’t have to mean that your house will resemble a battlefield when the work is complete. We will fix it for you and, if you have this Coverage, we will ensure that the cosmetic appearance is respected. A fault is a fault, but having three different types of tiles because the originals are no longer produced is an unacceptable crime against aesthetics.

We will take care of these types of details, within the financial limits established in your policy.

This Coverage is related to damage covered by Breaks, Water Damage, Basic Coverage and Theft Coverages.


  • Food Spoilage 

The light goes out and cannot be fixed for hours. In the midsummer heat, food goes to waste. Sometimes you have just a few items in the fridge, on other occasions you may have enough food to survive a siege. And all this goes to waste. And this has a cost. Home Insurance looks after situations caused by electrical problems and also in the case of a fridge or freezer breakdown, due to a fault with the coolant or due to a storm which breaks your electrical appliances.

In order for the Coverage to apply, the electrical fault must occur for a period of time greater than 6 hours and the electrical appliances must be less than 10 years old.


  • Temporary Transfer and Holidays 

A few days to relax are a treat for us all. Really being able to relax means being able to switch off from everything. That's why you need an insurance company like us, that you can trust to look after you wherever you are. Even if you have to travel for work for a few weeks. Home Insurance protects you and the belongings that you carry with you.

For this Coverage to apply these belongings must be taken from a hotel or rented apartment, a property that you do not own, or a means of transport.


  • Costs Associated with accidents

Certain incidents incur additional costs, such as cleaning following a fire or demolition. Home Insurance covers these costs.


  • If the Property is Rendered Uninhabitable 

As stated in the preceding section, it is possible that a property can suffer damage to the extent that you and your family cannot continue to live in it for a certain period of time. At the time where you have to rent a new property because your own will require prolonged renovation works, Home Insurance will cover the rental costs in accordance with the following conditions.


  • Civil Liability   

Civil Liability is the main reason when it comes to taking out a home insurance policy. It guarantees you the security of knowing that, whatever happens, you and your family are protected against third party grievances. Moreover, Home Insurance covers damage caused by your pets. Because they are part of the family. 

Legal Costs are those costs which are incurred, relating to possible sentences, court fees or legal costs, etc.


Optional coverage 


  • All Risk Property Damage 

If you are a very cautious person who holds every object in your house in high esteem, you will surely want to have comprehensive insurance in place in your home. Because foresight is a virtue that will always bring you peace of mind in the long run. Knowing that your children are free to play in their own house because absolutely everything is under control.


  • Vehicles or Vessels in the Garage 

We cover the damage that vehicles and vessels can sustain due to fire, explosion or flooding, when they are in a garage equipped with a security system, whether it is a shared space or your own.


  • Personal Injury caused by Accident 

An accident clause is the most important part of an accident insurance policy. Home Insurance covers everything - above all, you and your family.

This provision will cover injury (incapacity) or death of the person or persons insured in the case of an accident, within or outside of the home.


  • Breaking of Household Appliances 

This Coverage looks after damage to you washing machine, television and refrigerator. Repair costs for these appliances are covered, whether they are mechanical or electrical, including parts, labour and tax, when the warranty for the electrical appliances is no longer in place.


  • Civil Liability for Dogs classed as Dangerous Breeds 

Your Pit Bull is a playful, loving dog and you know that he would not harm a fly. Nevertheless, for several years, owners of these breeds have been required to have public liability insurance for their pets, as established by Royal Decree 287/2002. With Home Insurance, you can include this clause, remain within the law and anticipate possible damage that your pet can cause.

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